Meet Marie

MariehowellartfacebookprofilepictureCreatress. I love this word and I self-identify with it for several reasons. First of all, it’s not “mainstream” and most people have never even heard of it which makes it intriguing, unique, and even funky. It will activate your spell-check feature although Webster’s online dictionary defines it simply as “She who creates.”

Creatress does not limit me (or you) to the common titles of artist, author, musician, dancer, or chef. A creatress can be all of those, some of those, or none of those. The important thing is that she creates as a way of being because it is who she is. (And a creator is who he is.)

In my current creatress life, you can find me painting, assembling, imaging, or writing. A look past the external activity would hopefully also reveal the internal by-products of healing, inspiring, opening, and transforming.

And there is mentoring. I believe a creatress has the opportunity as well as the responsibility to share and encourage others while also passing the torch of lighting the creative way.

I invite you to meet my creatress through my website, blog, and art.

Self-expression can be a self-guided tour, of course. But the creatress in me, whether covered in paint or buried beneath assemblage components, knows she is also a translator and even a GPS to help navigate the vast terrain called Creativity. It’s a journey meant to be shared and I hope we will be fellow travelers and companions. To join the caravan, follow me here and there.